Collateral Registry Solution

Collateral Registry is an essential stand-alone solution to contribute in ensuring a healthy financial ecosystem by enabling to centrally manage information on collaterals and thus avoid duplications or potential fraud.


Benefits of Collateral Registry

Better access for clients to credit supported by collateral(s) and increase in number of credits granted, as well as in their nominal value.

Information whether the asset / instrument offered for pledge by the obligor is pledge-free or whether it has already been pledged to other parties (which might make the collateral worthless to the current creditor).

With the creditor’s ability to check the background of the collateral, the Collateral Registry is likely to bring a revolution to the market, rather similar to the one brought by the Credit Bureau. No more cheating with collateral.

Further refinement of the market and its participants – in terms of transparency, accountability and credit risk management; synergies achieved when linking the outputs from the Credit Bureau with the ones retrieved from the Collateral Registry.

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