Credit Bureau Development

Led by a team of highly qualified and experienced risk management professionals who partner with you to ensure seamless implementation in all areas of setting up a Credit Bureau or an information exchange platform.

We appreciate this can be a demanding and difficult task however, our team recognises the major challenges and requirements to be successful, including all daily operations, business structures, sales, marketing, product development, training, legal assistance and more.

Credit Bureau Solution is a complex system created for the exchange of information about customers’ payment behaviour between financial and non-financial institutions.

This solution is a very important tool for the financial position evaluation of both potential and existing customers of credit providers, insurance companies, mobile operators and other institutions.

The underlying shared database contains both historic and current information about payment behaviour of individuals, entrepreneurs and companies. The information can be extracted in a form of a simple or complex report, based on mutual exchange of information. Moreover the reports are also completed with information from other available data sources.

Credit Bureau Solution was created according to the highest quality and security standards required by the banking sector and meets the strict criteria valid for the global register operators.

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