Creditinfo Predictor (CIP)

The Creditinfo Predictor suite of models provides highly predictive indices for risk and marketing across Europe.  CIP is used by thousands of businesses across Europe as the basis for their decisions. These decisions include initial credit decisions, limit assignments, monitoring and portfolio analysis as well as marketing applications.

Creditinfo Predictor (CIP) for Business

The CIP models are generally made up of 2 sub models, one for small and medium enterprises and one for companies that provide financial statements. We are innovative in the use of data, generating highly predictive indicators to improve the management of your business.

Creditinfo Predictor (CIP) for Individuals

Creditinfo Predictor for Individuals provides the most powerful and effective way of assessing the information held at Creditinfo credit bureaus.

Evaluating credit bureau data is an integral part of the consumer lending process. The potential of this data goes far beyond the existence, or not, of historic bad payments. The in-depth analysis performed by Creditinfo Decision as part of the development of CIP for Individuals unlocks the full power of the data. This includes economic data, credit activity and demographic information.

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