Decision Consultancy

Based on various range of models Creditinfo offer, we provide decision consultancy which combines our expertise and knowledge on consultancy as well as model development with meticulous analysis on the specific situation and the challenges that  each of our clients are addressing.

These decision consultancies range from current situation analysis, strategy design to ongoing decision review. Moreover, facing specific needs from different business, we provide consultancy including Basel II and internal model audit.

Risk Management Executive Review

We help our clients review their existing executive process and tools and measure them against best practice. Moreover, we provide consultancy about creating a roadmap or designing a new strategy to increase the efficiency and profitability of the business.

Strategy Assignment

When designing and putting new strategy in practice, we help our clients divide the whole strategy design into several objective-oriented processes, from preparation and client overview, initial design process to data driven design process where data is available.

Decision Review

After creating customised strategies according to different situation each business is facing, we estimate the impact of the strategies on the business to make sure the new strategy will deliver the expected financial benefits.

Basel II

The challenge from Basel II requires banks to choose between simple and more complex methods of calculating minimum capital through a number of internal risk models. We can provide experienced consultancy support and the model development know how to guide our clients through this process.

Model Audit

Internal development of Credit Scoring Models can provide a bank independent and full utilisation of internal knowledge. With experience from both the banking and consultancy perspective, we can provide on-going support and audit of internal models.

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