Value Added Solutions

As your market place matures, to ensure you are in a better position serve the changing needs of your client base, we can provide a number of value added solutions including modelling and analytics.

We specialise in the development of tailored risk models in order that you can provide your client base with advanced services.

Our credit models can be fine tuned to both local perspectives and your organisational objectives, at the same time you have the peace of mind these are based on internationally tested models. Utilising predictive and statistical ratings, you will be able to offer business rating reports which are enhanced by more in depth analysis of key ratios.
Our aim is to improve your risk management infrastructure with a strong focus on your company‘s strategic objectives. Through our solutions and advice, we can provide substantial improvements to the performance of your organisation.

Our solutions bring you not only “software”, but also added value in the form of know-how and methodology in effective set up of a designed system, which represents a competitive advantage for you.

We offer our clients professionals in the area of financial services and project management, IS/IT specialists and a guarantee of quality supported by successful implementations, certified quality, our products evaluation and namely the satisfaction of the existing clients.

For more information please take a look at some of our Analytical Services.

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