Partner with Us

Creditinfo is the first choice for many organisations wanting to establish a successful Credit Bureau. The Partnership Program is designed to support companies endeavouring to become top players in their respective markets.

Our Business Model

Our business model is very much inclined towards partnering with like-minded people. The company has developed to a large extent as a partnership of credit granting companies in Iceland. When it became an international company, it was decided that the ideal model was to have local partners in our subsidiaries.

Joint Ownership and Local Partners

Apart from Iceland, we have had partnerships in the form of joint ownership in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Georgia, Cyprus, Romania, Dubai, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Cape Verde, West-Africa, Tanzania, Jamaica and Germany.

Most of Creditinfo´s ventures into new markets have been in partnership with local companies or entrepreneurs.  This is one of the many things that differentiates us from our competitors.  We have further been flexible when it comes to stakes, having had as little as 5% in companies we have invested in.

What are we looking for?

  • Credit Bureaus or Credit Reference Agencies that would like to be part of a respected international company with a proven track record of success in different markets around the world.
  • Enthusiastic individuals with extensive industry knowledge, connections and the capability of establishing a Creditinfo subsidiary.

What do we bring to the table?

When it comes to establishing credit information operations in new markets, our team is by far the most experienced globally. We have built up from greenfield in about 20 different countries. At the other end we have developed our more mature companies to the highest level of sophistication, with Creditinfo Iceland having 281 distinct products on offer.

Combining experience in starting in new markets and the highest level of product development allows us to follow a model of parameterized approach with modularized technology.

Global Reach

At the moment we are operating in 20 countries with agile expansion plans for the next 5 years covering more than 20 new markets.