The Founder and Chairman of the Board

Reynir Grétarsson

Reynir Grétarsson was one of the founders of Lánstraust hf., the predecessor of Creditinfo Group, in 1997. He has been the CEO of the company from then. A law graduate of the University of Iceland in 1997, he was admitted to the bar as a District Court barrister in 1998. Apart from being a specialist in data protection laws, he has also experience in programming and database structuring. Reynir received a diploma in International development from the University of Iceland and is currently working on a Ph.d. in that subject, with microfinance being his research topic. Reynir was also co-founder of a few other companies, with operations in IT, financial services and in real estates. He is a philanthropist, constantly pursuing personal efforts to help emerging economies grow through better financial inclusion and education.

The Board

Nora Kerppola

Nora Kerppola has over 20 years of experience in private equity industry in Europe and North America. Nora is a shareholder and board member of Creditinfo Group hf. Her main role is Managing Director at Nordic Investment group Oy. She has been a partner at GMT Communications in London and a partner at Weiss, Peck & Greer Private Equity (now Robeco) in New York. Previously, Nora worked at Investor International, a subsidiary of Investor AB and affiliated with the Wallenberg family of Sweden. Nora started her career in the corporate finance department of Credit Suisse First Boston. Nora also holds key board memberships with Capman Plc, Creditinfo Lantraust, Creditinfo Estonia (previously Krediidiinfo AS) and Sanduka Oy.

Hákon Stefánsson

Hákon Stefánsson, graduated from University of Iceland in 1998 and started his career as a solicitor in Iceland and was admitted to the bar as a District Court barrister in 1999. In 2002 he started as a senior manager with Intrum Justitia, one of the leading companies in Europe in the Credit Management Services. Hákon started his career within Creditinfo Group in 2006 when he became the general manager of the Icelandic Credit Bureau, Creditinfo Iceland. In 2008 he became the regional manager of Creditinfo‘s operation in North and Central Europe and since 2009 he has been responsible for international sales. Hákon provided legal consultancy subjected to data protection issues in many countries, such as Lithuania, Poland, Georgia and Malta.

Managers of the Creditinfo Group of Companies

Our Management Team

Stefano M. Stoppani

Chief Executive Officer of Creditinfo Group

Paul Randall

Global Markets Director

Kristinn Agnarsson

Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director of Legal & Compliance

Alexander Gomiashvili

Country Manager of Georgia

Andrius Bogdanovičius

Country Manager of Lithuania

Adamou Sambare

Country Manager of West Africa

Brynja Baldursdóttir

Regional Manager of North & Southern Europe

Claudia García

Regional Manager of Latin America & Caribbean

Craig Stephen

Country Manager of Jamaica

Ege Metsandi

Country Manager of Estonia

Emma Camilleri

HR Director of Creditinfo Group

Ieva Bieliunaite

Marketing Director of Creditinfo Group

Ingvar Steinn Birgisson

Head of Information Solutions

Janis Timermanis

Country Manager of Latvia

Jóhannes Eiríksson

General Counsel of Creditinfo Group

Jón Jóhannesson

Country Manager of Ukraine

Judy Semple – Joseph

Country Manager of Guyana

Kevin Mutiso

CEO of Alternative Circle

Ruslan Omarov

Country Manager of Kazakhstan

Samúel White

Regional Manager of Middle East & Asia

Seth Marks

Regional Manager of CEE, Balkans & Non-Francophone Africa

Sidimohamed Abouchikhi

Regional Manager of Francophone Africa

Simon Camilleri

International Data Sales, Business Information & Consumer Data Manager

Steven Kunyiha

CEO, Creditinfo Kenya

Van Reynders

Country Manager of  Tanzania

Olafur Magnusson

Executive Director of Global Technology