Vision & Mission


Creditinfo aims to always be an innovator, taking the initiative in the development of new services and methods in the Credit Bureau industry. We intend to grow profitably both organically and through acquisitions and startups with acceptable risks. We will also extend the provision of our services to third party Credit Bureaus and through the partnership program. We will strive to enrich business performances and consumers lives by converting data to intelligent decisions.


Our mission is to provide intelligent information for individuals and companies to facilitate access to finance.

Our Values


Symbolizes all our work, both within Creditinfo and towards our customers. We are dependable, we follow standard procedures, ensure the quality of the data that we provide and we are always professional and honest in our work.


Refers to our ambition in our work and initiative in completing our projects. We think in solutions and create value for our customers. We take responsibility for our own performance and maintain a positive work place.

No nonsense

Refers to our aim to find the essence in all that we do. The purpose is what matters and that we provide value in our services. We prioritize projects correctly and spend time and resources in such a way that we maximize their potentials. That is how we get things done.