Palestine Monetary Authority


The Palestine Monetary Authority credit bureau was set-up in 2007 and was extended to include MFI records in 2009. In 2009 they went to tender to major international providers of credit bureau scores for a:

  • data feasibility study
  • scorecard development
  • implementation of scorecard, reasons and risk grades

Creditinfo was the successful winner of the tender.


  • Creditinfo made a questionnaire to understand the history of data usage and key events that could effect data quality
  • A review of each data item, how well it was populated, what data was stored in the system compared with best practice expectations.
  • Full feedback and discussion with extended workshop on all details
  • After necessary exclusions of erroneous data the scorecard was developed
  • Implementation in the Creditinfo decision negine, support testing.
  • Annual reviews and updates of the scorecards to include new data items and changes in the economic environment.


  • Online real time 24/7
  • Response time within millisecond
  • Two methodologies of credit rating (Manner of payment, score card)
  • Assign Credit Score for each Borrower and Guarantor, PD within 12 months, Risk grades & Reason code
  • Customer classification on Bounced checks system
  • Hybrid business module