Creditinfo i-Catalyst for Innovation

Creditinfo i-Catalyst for Innovation

i-Catalyst for Innovation is an internal Creditinfo competition for teams of up to 4 members for business & technological ideas that can make a difference.

The grand prize for the overall winning team is €2.500.

In addition, for all entries that are taken forward, albeit not the winners of this competition, each of those teams will receive €1,000.

Creditinfo calls for innovative ideas!

Do you know how to make us generate more revenue or profit/decrease costs?

Do you know how to make us work more effectively?

Gather a team and enrol for the Creditinfo i-Catalyst for Innovations!

What solutions are we looking for?

We are looking for any business & technological solutions that would either help increase our revenues or decrease our costs.

We are expecting creative ideas that are not part of your job descriptions, regular KPIs and are not created within your regular working time.

It can be any type of solution, product, project or system that meets those criteria:

  • it is realistic (feasible) and tangible (logic, analytics and numbers to back-it up);
  • it can be done with a minimum investment of less than 30,000 EUR);
  • it pays off (results should be a tangible increase of revenues or decrease of costs in the upcoming 1-2 years);
  • it involves the contribution of team members, preferably from another office or country 
  • minimum team members – 2; maximum team members – 4;
  • it is clearly presented in the submission form;
  • your team agree with the terms and conditions of this competition and meets the deadlines.
  • It is not currently developed or being developed in the Group


  • We will announce the Jury prior to the closing date for the entries.
  • The Judging Panel will consist of 3 persons within One Creditinfo, who will carry out the review and scoring of the submissions in a fair and timely manner.  These persons will be chosen so as to ensure there is a balanced and unbiased opinion when reviewing all submissions.

Next Steps

  1. Gather a team;
  2. Find an idea that meets i-Catalyst objectives and criteria;
  3. Check with your Country Manager or Regional Director in case you wish to double-check whether your idea is appealing and whether there is something you’d need to add or double-check.
  4. Submit the submission form (by e-mail to Noof Khalid Al Jabri before Wednesday the 31st of July 2019 at 23:59 CET
  5. Wait for Jury’s decision on the top 3 entrants on Thursday 15th August 2019
  6. If your team’s idea is amongst the top 3, you will be given 2 weeks to prepare a more detailed presentation about it. (These top 3 teams will need to give feedback and to come up with a more detailed road map, business case and a presentation to the Jury.)
  7. The Winning idea will be selected by the Jury on Monday 2nd of September 2019
  8. The Prize will be allocated to the Winning Team prior 31st September 2019. If patents are to be issued, team members will be officially named.
  9. If submitted before 20th of July and does not meet any of the qualification criteria the Team will be notified and able to resubmit the project prior to 31st of July 23:59 CET.



  1. Feel free to ask HR for help, if your team requires specific skills and you don’t know who might have them. They will try to refer you to the right person(s).
  2. Feel free to ask your Country Manager or Regional Manager for consultancy, whether your idea makes business sense. Refer to them as mentors as well!
  3. If something is unclear, don’t suffer, ask Paul or Caterina for explanations ( ,