Creditinfo i-Catalyst Rules & Conditions

Creditinfo i-Catalyst Rules & Conditions


1.1 Creditinfo Group will allocate a prize of a total of 2.500 EUR for a team, who comes-up with a best idea for improving our business.

1.2 The entries which are taken forward albeit not winners will receive 1.000 EUR

1.3 The team are free to select in which form they want the prize to be distributed (salary bonus, training), as long as it is in line with the law.

1.4 The prize will be evenly distributed to team members, officially named in the application form at the time of submission.  

1.5 The prize will be allocated to staff members who are employed or full-time contractors during the full duration of the competition.  

1.6 The prize will be allocated prior 31st September 2019. 



2.1 Any member of the Creditinfo family can participate in the i-Catalyst competition, as long as he or she works for/with Creditinfo during the time that this competition takes place. (If a team member leaves employment with the company during the competition, he can no longer be part of the team.)

2.2 The teams submitting ideas for the competition must be composed of Creditinfo staff members (employees, exclusive contractors).

2.3 The teams shall consist of a minimum of 2 team members and a maximum of 4 team members.

2.4 Submission will be judged more favourably if 50% or more members of one team are from different companies and/or countries.

2.4 Members of the Jury/Senior Management cannot participate in this competition.



3.1 Ideas have to be submitted in English.

3.2 Only ideas submitted prior to the deadline (initial deadline: Wednesday the 31st of July 2019 at 23:59 CET) will be considered as part of the i-Catalyst competition.

3.3 Only ideas submitted in the Submission form OR sent by e-mail following the submission form to Noof Khalid Al Jabri will be considered as part of the i-Catalyst competition.

3.4 Only ideas that are created by a Team defined in 1. could be considered as part of the i-Catalyst competition.



Submissions will not be considered if any the following qualification rules are not met:

4.1 The idea is realistic with a tangible description of costs and revenues/savings with a schedule for implementation.

4.2 It can be done with a minimum investment of up to 30.000 EUR.

4.3 It clearly pays-off in 1-2 years’ time (results in a tangible increase of revenues or decrease of costs).

4.4 The idea is not part of ones’ daily/regular job duties, responsibilities and KPIs.

4.5 The concept must not be either developed or in development in any CI market



5.1 The Jury will allocate bonus points for teams that are composed of members from different offices/countries.

5.2 It meets other the conditions defined in this document.

5.3 Key areas that will be considered are: Innovation, ROI, Reputation enhancement, Clarity of Description, Global Potential.



6.1 The Jury will be selected before the closing date for submissions and composed of 3 – 4 persons from Creditinfo Group, who will carry out the review and scoring of the nominations in a fair and timely manner.  These persons will be chosen so as to ensure there is a balanced and unbiased opinion when reviewing all submissions. An initial review will be done on anonymous basis.

6.2 The Jury members might refer to other non-biased experts to help evaluate the potential of ideas if they need to.



7.1 The ideas shall be submitted via the online Submission form or sent by e-mail to Noof Khalid Al Jabri prior Friday the 28th of June 2019 at 23:59 CET.

7.2 The Jury will select and announce the top 3 ideas on Thursday 15th August 2019. The teams having submitted those 3 ideas will be given 2 weeks to elaborate more on the idea, answer questions and prepare a more detailed presentation for the Jury.

7.3 After each selected team presents their ideas to the Jury (by Webex) on a pre-agreed time, the Jury will select the winner on 2nd of September 2019.

7.4 The prize will be allocated to the winner team prior 31 September 2019.



8.1 Feel welcome to ask HR for help, if your team requires specific skills and you don’t know who might have them. They are likely to refer you to the right person(s).

8.2 Feel welcome to ask your Country Manager or Regional Manager for consultancy, whether your idea makes business sense. Refer to them as mentors. The contact person for the qualification criteria doubts is Paul Randall

8.3 If something is unclear, don’t suffer, ask Caterina or Paul from Group for explanations ( or ).



9.1 If your idea is subject for patent, be sure that we will name your team members in the Patent.