Next steps for improvement


As you know, the I-Catalyst competition is underway where 22 people from 5 companies within 2 continents submitted 8 ideas. Three teams have been selected and put through to the final round. A final decision is to be made by the Jury very soon – on 9 July.

All 8 ideas were very good and some of those may be looked at further at a later date.  All 8 contributions were very valuable and what was really a pleasure to see was the passion that each team demonstrated about their ideas. Truly inspiring, energizing and refreshing! Thank you all for your dedication, positivity, time spent on this and for walking the extra mile.  Regardless of the competition, which aims at putting some fun and a bonus of appreciation into it, all ideas will be evaluated and potentially pursued in the future. Each team will be given time and framework to work on their project further.


Emma and Lenka (HR Ladies) are working on being in touch with all employees on a more frequent basis.  As our largest office is in Prague, Emma has been spending more time there recently in order to get to know more about what is happening. We will issue another survey in November, this time it will be a little more in depth so we can get better feedback from you all and hear more about what you ae doing and how you are all feeling.

The legendary Heartbeat newsletter continues to be issued monthly, along with weekly industry news (those are getting more and more interesting, starts to feel like the Game of Thrones), regular and irregular messages from Stefano and posts on Workplace. Not forgetting the information available online via the Chronicle and our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. On that note, please update your professional LinkedIn accounts if you haven’t done this already! Marketing team sees that most of our online leads come from that channel, so don’t underestimate Creditinfo’s and your personal presence on social media.

LoB have been running regular Webinars discussing each of our products and services. These are recorded and available to watch at your convenience if you cannot make the live session. Product information in various formats, i.e. presentations, manuals, technical information sheets, etc., are available on SharePoint or by request from Eugenie Pauwels. This helps everyone improve their business know-how and understand better about how what we do helps millions of people worldwide.

Regional meetings / workshops have been taking place either face to face or via Webex and Skype. These will continue to ensure all sites are spoken to and included. When visitors from other offices are in your office, make sure you speak with them too. In Prague, we’ve decided that when visitors from other countries are around, they will run mini training sessions or workshops. The purpose being is to provide a forum for our employees to get to know more about our other offices and get to know their colleagues better in other regions.

Opportunities and Career Growth

We have a lot of talented and experienced people within our organization and we want to know more about everyone’s talents and skills. To do this, Lenka and Emma will be carrying out a survey and brief interviews exercises starting in September, and collating a database of all these. We already know that collectively as a company we speak close to 70 languages, may be more. From this, we will then also look at the training needs on a collective basis.

They will also be working on the details this year to launch a “Top Talent Club” in the new year. This idea is still in it’s infancy, but the thought process so far is to have a small group of extremely talented, forward-thinking employees who all have one thing in common: they are the best at what they do. Working with those individuals who we know are hungry to progress their careers, we will nurture such talent and ensure they have the skills or expertise to become the future leaders in their chosen field.

Consistency and Clarity

HR are working on creating job descriptions for all employees worldwide and ensuring that those job descriptions are similar for comparable functions in each of our countries. This process has already started, but as you can imagine it’s rather a mammoth task to coordinate for all our countries, but when they reach out to you, please support their efforts as much as you are able.

Group Finance have been working hard in the last few months to produce better management accounts for the senior management team and also the local offices. This is a continuous development program. As we tell our clients, the better informed you are, the better decisions you can make. The same applies to our company. We are improving and increasing the analytics and metrics in house.


This is a team effort, not one person alone can change things. As you are aware, our goal is One Creditinfo and we continue to encourage everyone to communicate better and share best practice within the group of companies, within regions, between departments and teams. We have the willpower, common values, a shared vision and goals to succeed. Thank you all for your positivity and collaboration in growing Creditinfo together.