Business Solutions

Analytics & Strategy

Creditinfo provides its customers with Credit Risk Consulting Services that combine our expertise and knowledge on model development with meticulous analysis of your specific situation and challenges that each of our clients are addressing.

Key Benefits

Our risk management review is a clear roadmap to meet a business challenge. This will be achieved by making a comparison against expected standards and a set of recommendations for improvement in efficiency and quality of the risk management function.

These recommendations will be sorted into quick fixes and strategic initiatives, with an estimation of the benefits. In addition to recommended changes we will outline where no change is required, with the benefit that we provide independent confirmation that the current approach is the right one to deliver high quality risk management.

Creditinfo has an openness to listen and understand the objectives of each business and understand that the process should be appropriate for the specific business goals.

The review will be conducted by experienced consultants with the lead consultant having at considerable risk management experience, including operational as well as consulting experience.



“In 2017, we approached Creditinfo to help us with reviewing all our credit processes of the customer lifecycle for our operations in Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom. As we use our automated processes, algorithms and data analysis to make our financial products easily available to a population of more than 120 million people in our target markets, we always have to make sure we are doing things according to the best practice. Creditinfo was the right and reliable partner who helped us to identify the space for improvement and brought a valuable know-how of the credit risk management and fintech industry.”