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Application Processing System

Do you wish to reduce time to loan decision from couple of days to couple of hours or even minutes? Still collecting applicant’s data on papers? Are you using sticky notes for passing application files between departments and branches? Calculating disposable income using calculator? Choose Creditinfo’s Application Processing System – includes quality checks and validation rules, can be connected to external data sources. Supporting you in taking right decisions. Inspiring confidence.

Application Processing System (APS) developed by Creditinfo Solutions is designed to help financial institutions achieve automation of loan origination. APS uses data from various sources to instantly navigate underwriting decisions.

APS is a transparent system, where process flow is easily set by business people. By leveraging APS capabilities of effortless integration with credit bureau, institutions can include credit reports into decision-making and improve quality and speed of credit risk management.

Why APS is valuable from operational viewpoint?


Applications are processed in a matter of seconds assuming an automatic decision has been made.


Unified and clear evaluation criteria, reduces demands on underwriting.


Quick, affordable and flexible solution reducing operational costs.


Generates transparent processes with a detailed history.


Online validation ensures data quality.


All required documents are easy to keep and access.


No duplicate data entries, efficient resource management.

On-going support

Creditinfo’s global service desk supports users with all system issues and ensures the highest level of responsiveness for all system-related enquiries.

Shared administration

Presence of several system administrators guaranties continuity of operations.

Combined analytical and management reporting

Data is stored in an analytical database allowing to create and automate any suite of reports for purposes of managerial reporting, marketing and sales incentive structures.


Smart and neat design.