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Batch Transformation Module

Batch Transformation Module is a software tool developed by Creditinfo to help banks, MFls and non financial institutions with batch file standardization, creation and dispatch to Credit Registry systems.

Key Benefits of BTM

  • Our solution can be installed today and you can start the data adaptation process tomorrow.
  • Our solution is under constant update and is being used in many coun­tries.
  • The BTM solution will automatically adapt and send your data according to your needs and required dispatch periods – initially, on a monthly basis, later on, on a weekly or even a daily basis.
  • When the tool is installed and the first data export is executed, each of next data exports will be managed in a fast and simple way based on the pre-set saved from the previous data export.
  • You can choose a hosted version of the BTM tool. If you prefer the hosted version, you just need to install the Data Bridge module to your internal environment.
  • Our BTM tool has various types of validation rules and analytical tools for proper data checks. The BTM tool will recognize and highlight all incor­rect lookup data values.
  • Blank data fields are substituted by the default values and fields containing any non-blank value will be transported to the data extract batch automatically.
  • The BTM tool is a professional solution supported by the Creditinfo Group that serves hundreds of clients all over the word.
  • The BTM tool has an administration console to support different user roles. Your data will be secured.
  • The BTM tool will show all unmapped values via the Graphical User Interface and will propose the proper mapping to the selected lookup values.