Business Solutions

Decision Engine BEE

With BEE, our standalone SOA software application, you can create and modify decision-making rules and processes, evaluate information, make scoring calculations, map and consolidate data from different information sources and a lot of other cool stuff.

BEE even has a standard web service interface and can be used to process data from any other system.

You’re the Boss

With BEE you can create an intelligent, automatic decision-making process. The design of the process and all changes to the process are made by you, the user, without any vendor’s intervention whatsoever.

This is accomplished by using BEE Designer, our user-friendly desktop application. You will be able to apply your own business rules and cut-off ineligible clients automatically. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

BEE is packed with features, all designed to make your life easier.


BEE will save you money, time, effort, and more. Really. True story.


IPF Digital

“We started using Business Evaluation Engine in 2015 and since then it covers majority of our needs in terms of scorecards, credit rules, basic product configuration, non-complex data calculation in many of our markets.”