Small & Medium Enterprises

Fraud Prevention System

Our Fraud Prevention System is an advanced solution to be integrated with the Credit Bureau System. Creditinfo has an extensive experience with automated solutions for both application and transactional Fraud detection and prevention. The service deliverable is based on the automatic analysis of the whole content of the CBS database – all suspicious information are analysed and the end user gets the special report providing a scoring calculation based on the likehood of the presence of fraud during the transaction, business or insurance claim.

Identity Verification

The empirical evidence suggests that there are significant problems with the identity, phone numbers and addresses correctness of the databases of bureau data providers. Identity verification is a feasible and effective service providing the “Know Your Customer” and “Know Your Intermediary” approaches in a state-of-the-art manner for the complete identification process. Multiple comparisons of both historical data and external public data sources significantly bring the new value – positive or negative identity verification. The module can verify all strategic personal information as any kind of ID, phone numbers or addresses.