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What is new with IFRS 9?

IFRS 9 is a new international accounting standard replacing IAS 39. IFRS 9 sets out the requirements for recognising and measuring financial assets and financial liabilities. In particular, it sets requirements on the assessment of the risk of a loan portfolio, based on statistical forecasts of expected losses from defaulted loans*. Whilst IFRS provides global standards, local regulators can impose specific requirements in their markets. Penalties for non compliance may also be determined by local regulators. Fundamental to the new regulations is the requirement to accurately predict the probabiligy of a loans defaulting.

*Now all loans, even perfectly performing ones must have provisions set aside for Credit Loss.

Creditinfo’s IFRS 9 Solutions is the most predictive one available in the market. It enables our clients to carry out advanced risk management and increase profits!


Download IFRS 9 Sample Output


Why choose Creditinfo for IFRS 9?

Creditinfo’s IFRS 9 products will ensure your Impairement calculations are accurate and IFRS 9 compliant.

Our IFRS products meet the extensive demand from the credit industry, due to the obligation for all to comply with IFRS reporting requirements starting in 2018. Our offer will enable you to meet your regulatory requirement in a cost effective way, using Creditinfo Credit Bureau and open up opportunities to improve performance through the use of data analytics with the help of our Data Scientists.

Are you a Credit Provider?

Creditinfo brings to you the most accurate predictions of default (PD) available. Through our Credit Bureau data we have built accurate models based on the whole market view. The benefits of Creditinfo’s IFRS 9 product to you are:

  • Cost & Time effective compliance with IFRS 9
  • Most accurate available assessment of your portfolio risk
  • Opens up additional Credit Risk Management strategies for your bussines

Are you a Regulator?

There are 3 main benefits for you as a Regulator:

  • Independent calculation of IFRS 9 Impairment values
  • Consistent IFRS 9 measurement across the market
  • Benchmarking and early warning signals available

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Let’s talk about how Creditinfo can make your business stronger and be IFRS 9 compliant.


IFRS 9 Product Offer


Creditinfo offers PD to calculate financial institution’s ECL and impairment levels. For example, PD at Origination, PD over 12 months and PD over Lifetime.


Creditinfo offers a tool for Automation of IFRS 9 Impairment Reporting. Using IFRS Models from clients combined with our PD model and data from CB, Creditinfo can automate IFRS 9 Impairment reporting. With the click of a button you can have your entire loan portfolio assessed for IFRS 9 Impairment in a matter of minutes.


IFRS requires assessment of impact of Macroeconomic changes to credit risk across the market.


Creditinfo offers training to our client to calibrate the internal PDs for their own portfolio.