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External Data Monitoring

MultiConnector is a complete and optimal connection solution for fast, safe and easy access to databases of credit registers, credit bureaus, registers of negative information and other public and commercial databases and information available in the local markets, including internal data sources of the specific client. This automated connector incorporates functionalities to decrease costs and to simplify and enhance the corresponding internal processes.

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MultiConnector is a cost-effective and comprehensive solution to assess and analyse various data sources and their operations. It is verified by practice and by the years of our experience. The principal added values are short time to implementation and flexibility. It also serves as a mediator between data sources and internal systems such as application processing, portfolio management, collections, fraud prevention, core and customer relationship management (CRM).

MultiConnector enables the set-up and use of various strategies, business rules and criteria for the appraisal of information from credit registers. Integration into the existing infrastructure is easy and continual development is assured.