If I don’t have a bank account, can I still get a loan?

No you can notYes you canYES YOU CAN: banking information is far from being the only source of information about your payment behavior. Such entities as telecommunication, insurance, microloan providers, utility companies and much more institutions help building your credit profile. In some countries even a psychometric score is available, enabling to make a credit decision based on ones personality. Check for this possibility with your credit provider.

No one can access my credit information but me.

FalseTrueFALSE: Your credit information can be accessed by any creditor with your consent. No one can access your credit information without your consent though.

Payment history for utility bills are included in your credit score calculation.

TrueFalseTRUE: Payment history for utility bills are indeed included in your credit score calculation.

You can not influence a credit score – it’s given.

TrueFalseFALSE: the credit score is directly linked with your financial behavior and changes according to changes that happen in your credit history. Changes can be positive or negative and this is reflected in your credit score instantly.

If I get a loan it decreases my credit score.

TrueFalseFALSE: A fact of having a loan does not decrease your credit score. Your credit score might be influenced by how well you are able to repay your credit.

The more often I check my credit score the lower the score will be.

FalseTrueFALSE: the number of times you check your own credit score does not have any influence on your credit score.

Does Credit Bureau have positive information about myself?

TrueFalseTRUE: Yes, it does. A common myth is that a credit bureau is only a negative information bureau, which is not entirely true.

Does a Credit Bureau decide whether I get a loan or not?

FalseTrueFALSE: A credit bureau only provides information to a lender. This information represents only a part of the whole decision process.