Results of Internal Survey on Employee Satisfaction

We would like to express our thanks to all 231 Creditinfo employees who answered the survey. This is approximately 65% of the staff in our majority owned subsidiaries excluding our affiliate partners and minority shareholdings. The survey has delivered some very valuable feedback. Now, it is time to share with you the results and our proposed action plans to improve performance in areas that are important to us all.

Overall Results

We are performing well in some areas, but we need to work on others. According to your opinion, Creditinfo is a good employer to be working for. The weighted average of the question “All things considered, I am satisfied with my job.” was 7.10.

The highest score was for “freedom to express your ideas and speaking to managers”.


The areas with most room for improvement are “opportunities of getting a better job in our company” and “informing our employees”.


Open Questions

The most frequently mentioned area was summarized under the heading “lacking involvement” which 9 of you mentioned. After that, there were comments we’ve grouped under following headings:

  • cooperation between departments — 8 mentions
  • personal development/training — 7 mentions
  • management issues — 6 mentions

Other comments were more specific to individuals and very positive comments about the company and/or the persons job. We understand that some people may feel they are not informed enough about what is happening in the company, changes and updates. Communication is always the number 1 highlighted issue for every company. It’s always harder for a multi-national company like ourselves.  Messages can be distorted as they flow through the company or simply the messages don’t flow, even with the best of intentions to make them.

Room for Improvement

It is quite apparent, many people are feeling the shift in change in the company, where some of you have rightly highlighted that there is still room for improvement as certain matters have not been organized enough.  The main thing is everyone recognizes that not all our old ways will open new doors. It is important, we all try to accept that change is always hard at first, also it is sometimes a bit messy along the way until things settle down and that change becomes more of a routine and habit. Sometimes the wrong change will be made, resulting in further changes, but as long as we continue to make changes and not be stagnant, we will grow stronger in the end. We will only fail if we stop trying new things.

We will now take each of the key points and work together on action plans to continuously improve on these matters. The goal of this survey is to ensure the company moves forward.

What is the plan?

We all need to be realistic about who we work for. We are not a billion dollar company with a lot of corporate bureaucracy, we are more like a very large group of family style professional businesses worldwide, making One Creditinfo. With this comes pros and cons. The con being we don’t have an abundance of free resources to tackle everything at once. However, we do have the willpower, similar values, visions and mutually agreed goals.

From here we plan to:

  1. Discuss key topics outlined in this survey in mid-May with managers reporting directly to Stefano, our Group CEO, and implement certain actions that will have an immediate impact. For example – the i-Catalyst internal competition with a prize of 5000 EUR to gain, for better engagement and innovative ideas that could help improving our business.
  2. Develop a more detailed action plan on the key issues that we need to improve on in the medium to longer term.
  3. Ensure we communicate results to you and track our progress regularly.


This is a team effort, not one person alone can change things. As you are aware, our goal is One Creditinfo and we continue to encourage everyone to communicate better including between departments. This is part of the reason for the realignment of the organization structure, having Regional Managers to share best practice between similar offices. By moving staff from Global Technology to Lines of Business, having additional support in Group HR and Group Finance from local offices.

To track our progress, we will issue another questionnaire at the end of the year. Again, thank you for everyone who cared enough to participate and share their views. Please continue to do so.