What does it do?

Computations required to meet regulatory standards around IFRS 9 and Basel  can often be overwhelming. Creditinfo makes it simple. Our models are developed in line with all relevant regulations and enable our clients to automate their computations.  

Creditinfo’s IFRS 9 modelling is based on data from the whole of market and is thus much stronger and more predictive than models based solely on internal data only.

Basel and IFRS 9 modeling and reporting is straightforward with Creditinfo!

How can Creditinfo help?

Creditinfo designs county wide IFRS 9 models based on Credit Bureau data that meet regulatory standards

These models combined with our automation tools can deliver to client the complex regulation driven computations without the need for any internal efforts.

Benefits of Creditinfo’s IFRS 9 Offering


Regulatory Compliant

Ensuring you meet your regulatory reporting requirements.


Precise Predictions

Creditinfo credit bureau databases and models are amongst the most comprehensive in the market. IFRS 9 models built on whole of market data are much more accurate than those built only on internal data.


Cost Effective

No need for expensive internal resources to produce regulatory reports.



Results of the reviews will be available to all users of the models.

And crucially IFRS 9 models are value adding – they provide an accurate snapshot of the risk of your entire credit portfolio enabling the use of analytics to take actions such as:

  • Cross / up sell
  • Collections prioritisation
  • Risk based pricing

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