CBS Next Will Help You With Credit Operating


Single Platform

Conduct and oversee all important credit bureau operations efficiently in a single platform without losing focus or context.


Credit Reports, Scores and Data Monitoring

Deliver state-of-the-art, modular, and easily customizable credit reports, scores, data monitoring products and value-added services.


Data Flows

Submit and process a wide portfolio of supported data flows including negative, telco, insurance, utilities, and business data structures.


Implementation to the Existing Environment

Extend feature set, products, and services simply by configuring existing modules, or by deploying new ones, custom or Creditinfo value-added products.


Scale with Your Business Needs

Provide your users with an accessible, reliable, secure, and elastic system that scales with your business needs.


Streamlined Processes

Streamline regular back-office operations including data quality control, regulatory and supervision, analytics, billing, and auditing.



Boost decision-making quality of member institutions.


Smooth Onboarding

Grow your volumes by smoothly integrating new clients to modern, optimized user interface and powerful web services.

What is CBS Next and how does it make a difference?

Credit Bureau Solution Next (CBS Next) is the latest version of a single, all-round platform for both private and public credit reporting institutions. The platform design reflects strong experience from many credit bureau installations world-wide and makes the system ready to cover even advanced or market-specific use cases.

Make Smart Decisions

One-stop-shop bringing together wide range of products and features helping financial institutions make smart decisions.

End-to-end Solutions

Solution helping bureaus facilitate their operations end-to-end from data submission to data alerting, report generation, or score calculation.

Modular Delivery

The CBS Next platform provides a foundation to future proof your business through its modular delivery of value added services solution ready to support a wide portfolio of different data structures and business cases available on the market.

Best Practices Worldwide

One platform used by numerous customers worldwide rendering a synergy effect that results in faster adoption of best practices, new features, and sharing business opportunities.

Security & Support

Secure, responsive system designed to reliable support users reliant on system to do their day-to-day job.

Available Modules Any Time You Need Them

Scoring, Billing, Monitoring, Disputes, Data Cleansing, Benchmarking, Fraud Alert and several other modules that can be switched on as and when the market need.

Increased Access To Finance

End-to-end ecosystem for managing risk and increasing access to finance.


Credit Reports

Deliver precise and aesthetic credit reports that are easily customizable to include additional data blocks and credit scores, to click with specific use case.

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Credit Scoring

Leverage the full potential of your data for credit decisions. Automate and enhance your decision-making process through advanced analytics.

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