How Can MyCreditinfo Help?

  • Easy and quick access to your credit information 
  • Share your credit report with other parties
  • Get notifications about changes in your credit data
  • Dispute incorrect information
  • See how your credit score can change in future
  • Improve management of personal finances
Possibility to see complete credit information at any time

You can also export your credit report or share it with other parties through secured channels.

Ability to set up alerts

They are triggered when data newly submitted by financial institutions hits your criteria. For example, you will be able to see that certain bank has made an inquiry on your name.

Contact MyCreditinfo administrators to solve inconsistencies and disputes in both personal and credit data

You can open disputes online and check their statuses from the application.

Possibility to edit your profile

Including changes of some of your personal information, possibility to extend or upgrade your subscription to get access to different parts of the application and view your transactions and download receipts for past purchases.

Find out how to interpret your credit report and CIP score

What to do to enhance them to increase your chances of getting a loan? Check out our help section for tips from your local credit bureau.

We Have an App for That!

Accessing your credit data has never been easier! Download MyCreditinfo app and have an instant access to your credit report and CIP score. All from your mobile device!



Let us help you to make sure your credit report is complete and accurate.

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MyCreditinfo Monitoring

Stay up to date with changes on your credit report without the need of manual data check.

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Get credit advice from our experts and start improving your financial status now.

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