How to open a dispute?



Get access to MyCreditinfo and follow the instructions there and submit a request.


By Email or Phone

Contact your local credit bureau and share with them details about the issue.


In Person

Go to your local credit bureau and open a dispute together with staff.

What you need to know about disputes?

Inaccurate information can appear on your credit report for various reasons. Usually, it is due to incomplete information reported to the credit bureau by the creditor. That is why you should check your credit report on a regular basis. Below you can check the most important information about dispute management.

Errors you should be looking for when reviewing your credit report:

  • Mistakes in your personal information such as spelling or incorrect address.
  • Account information, which includes balances and limits, payment history.
  • List of the parties that have accessed your credit report (inquiries). It’s also good to check all the items in collections.
  • Remember that your credit score cannot be a subject of dispute because it is an output of a scoring model and cannot be changed as such.

What information will you need to open a dispute?

  • You will be asked to verify your identity, so have your ID document ready. You might also have to confirm your address by providing a utility bill.
  • List of the inaccuracies you have spotted on your credit report.
  • Any proof that could support your claim, such as documentation from court, bank statement, letters from a lender. 

What does a dispute investigation process look like?

  • Your dispute case is submitted for investigation.
  • Credit bureau contacts and verifies with a creditor.
  • Credit bureau implements changes and update you about outcome.

Possible outcomes of the dispute:

  • The error you have spotted will be updated.
  • The item from your report will be removed from the credit report.
  • A creditor verifies accuracy and finds no error, so the item remains as was.


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